martes, 23 de septiembre de 2008

El caos de Jodhpur

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Anónimo dijo...

23-09-08 22,00 h.

1€ = 67,2381 rupias hindu

Good night travelling, they are, approximately, the 03,00 h. of the 24-09-08 in Jodhpur.
We are glad that the trip passes without incidents and with the own anecdotes of journeying by a country so different from ours, good no longer so different since in here of little the one to dedicate itself "to clean ears" it is going to be at your service of the day.
As it is possible that after as much organization the one the most important things at the present time -SHIPPER OF THE CELLULAR- ¿One forgets to you what a human being without this small adminiculo does today?, good surely that in next "CAMEL TROPHY" one does not forget to you.
That you continue enjoying the trip, the food, people, of the cows, in aim of everything with which you have dreamed as much time and that now already it is a reality.


El_lento dijo...

Felicidades para Raul; tomo nota de lo de las recetas. Who is the one that write in english?. kisses from the sunny Seville...

MªJosé dijo...

Qué bonito de verdad! Y qué envidia me dáis!! yo kiero volver allí!!!! jajajajaja
Seguid disfrutando pareja!! Y estamos deseando poder ver más fotosss!!! uouououou

Por cierto Felicidades a Raúl para mañana!!!! Seguro que este cumple es el mejor de todos eh!!!